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Re: The least disliked episode of DS9 - Final Round

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Trek is about spaceships and 'splosions. It's about "science" and technobabble. It's about aliens, and seeking out new life and new civilizations. It's about temporal hyjinx and spacial anomalies. It's about optimism for humanity's future, and how we could get there. It's about morality - the good, the bad, and what makes the difference.
Then why the shit did "Emissary" get eliminated?

Sorry, still riled up about that one.

Another vote for Sacrifice of Angels, which I feel is a little bit overrated relative to its "classic" episode status.

The Die is Cast - 0
Improbable Cause - 0
The Visitor - 3
In Purgatory's Shadow - 0
By Inferno's Light - 2
In the Pale Moonlight - 0
Sacrifice of Angels - 4
What You Leave Behind - 0
Tacking into the Wind - 0
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