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Re: The Nearly-Disastrous Start to the David Tennant Era

The problem with RTD is his media-sucking, celebrity-obsessed viewpoint that everything he writes is filtered through. Everything is always about fame and it's all very shallow and tiresome. When it got to the point where he just thought casting Kylie Minogue would be enough to make a good story, it was time for him to definitely go. Reading about his idea for a JK Rowling episode was pretty appalling. He reminds me of Van Statten in Dalek. He was all about taking something potentially spectacular and watering it down to frivolous showbiz wank concerning celebrity gossip and irritating BBC agendas. It's hard to watch now as most of it is just so plastic, lifeless and sterile. I caught a bit of Planet of the Dead last year and found it absolutely unwatchable. Look kids, it's Lee Evans sucking up to David Tennant while that one off of Eastenders pouts. Oh, and did we mention this is funding human rights hell-hole Dubai? Oh, JUST. FUCK. OFF.

Sadly, that is what a great deal of the British public want. It was a good move for ratings, but absolutely the wrong move for the quality of the show.

My favourite character he ever wrote was Lance from The Runaway Bride, chastising Donna Noble for her shallow, show-biz obsessed, The X Factor-watching, typically RTD lifestyle. Of course, he was the villain. But on rewatch I could relate to him more than the majority of RTD's protagonists.

Best companion he wrote was Smith and Jones Martha as she wasn't worshipped by the show and The Doctor for being thick as pigshit and worthless. She was smart, capable and not a complete drone. Shame she soon became Rose again, except this time she's black and The Doctor doesn't fancy her.

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