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Re: The Nearly-Disastrous Start to the David Tennant Era

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^I thought the Ponds and Clara were the other way around.
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Then with Martha he pushed her as lovestruck puppy, a woman who'd never be as great as Rose, a woman the Doctor could never love, a woman destined to amount to little. Now he did this so that, eventually, Martha's quest would be even more heroic...trouble is by the time she came good, I'd been so put off the character that I didn't care.
I've never understood how being eternally rejected makes someone less likeable?
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But ultimately, it's Davies falling into the trap that most writers of modern sci-fi film and television do: thinking that the audience can't understand something otherworldly or relate to it unless we see it through a surrogate's eyes. That notion is complete and total bullshit, but it's become the rule, the formula, in so much of the genre.
Actually, he was just updating the Doctor Who formula, in which the fantastic and the mundane cohabit in pretty much every story.
Updating into bs? Why?

Also, what is wrong with giggling schoolgirls?
Actual giggling schoolgirls? Nothing. A 900 year old alien acting like a giggling schoolgirl? Plenty...

As for Martha, it was the insipid lost puppy dog expression to maintained most of the time., Frankly I just wanted to shake her. It's hard to respect a character that doesn't seem to respect herself, although maybe a better actress could have done something more with the role, sadly Freema just tended to blend into the background around chew the scenery Tennant...
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