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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hello Everyone!

What to say about me - I'm female, nearly 26, live in the West of England and am a watcher of all the Star Trek series but my fave by far is TNG. I have been a lurker on these boards for a very long time but only registered yesterday. I have watched TNG since it started but originally it was only as an excuse to stay up late (!) - I think I was about 8 when it started. I ended up hooked and now own all the DVDs except season 2 (I'm a Bev fan and can't enjoy TNG as much without her). I never get bored of re-watching TNG!

I guess as a big Beverly fan, it goes without saying that I am also a huge P/C fan! In fact it was the P/C thread that finally made me bite the bullet and register as a user.

My favourite episode varies depending on my mood but I am loving Cause and Effect at the moment.
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