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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

Yet "location" and "the way it is given" would be fundamentally separate things, and we never learn the bearing would not have changed (into zero zero zero mark zero, say)...

I just don't see the tactical purpose of not turning; Kirk isn't about to take his enemy by surprise or anything, and isn't biding his time with the torpedo shot, but takes it as soon as Sulu gets a weapon ready for him.

And Scotty is worried about maneuverability, despite being present on the bridge for a change, and aware of the tactical decisions being made and their main viewer -evidenced consequences.

I thus also wonder whether the "drain on the engines" really is from the shields, or rather from frantic attempts at maintaining the high-warp evasive maneuvering that Kirk already explicitly ordered... Tellingly, the loss of "warp maneuvering power" does not result in the shields getting markedly weaker, or NOMAD's third hit would have vaporized the starship already. So it does sound likely that Sulu is still trying to obey Kirk's order to maneuver (first defensively, then perhaps offensively), with less and less success but with impulse maneuverability still explicitly available to him.

On a more general note, we probably have to figure out the logic of only using tubes 2, 4 and 6 for the "Journey to Babel" volley and the choice of #2 here if we want to establish the total number of tubes in the most sensible way. Personally, I feel a balance of six forward and possibly two aft tubes is very nice and jibes with ENT "precedent", but Kirk's preference for even tubes over odd ones might suggest that the forward six are grouped in a specific manner.

Yeah, only firing half the tubes first is a time-honored practice, and Sisko does it in DS9 still despite reload times being extremely short (in the 24th century at least). But that doesn't explain why #2 would be better than #1 in this ep (or why Kirk would pick the evens before the odds in "Journey to Babel", when intuitively the opposite would be the human thing to do). Perhaps we should speculate that the three odd ones are on the dorsal surface of the saucer, and thus cannot be fired at the exact same angles as the three even ones? (Or that the odd ones are actually aft tubes? But it would be weird to start the numbering from an aft tube, IMHO.)

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