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Re: Oberth Class the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

Praetor wrote:
I've been thinking of starting a new thread. More or less, unless the Excelsior's deck arrangement is really weird, exterior window placement makes no sense, and actually points towards a larger ship than 467 meters.
Yep, she was detailed to be about twice her official size. Here are two scaling pics, using the Generations Enterprise-B MSD (which extrapolated decks from window rows), a 1532ft/467m Excelsior (Ent-B fins cut off when scaling), a 6ft tall Spock and a 305m Enterprise-A (the Strategic Design blueprints). The dome, which was added in STIV, has windows around indicating surrounding rooms NX-01 style, and a TNG-style lounge at the rear. The physical set was a redress of the Enterprise-A bridge, which clearly would not fit.

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