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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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Well, I disagree with that. That's essentially what Star Trek is. The key to not making it into a predictable formula is not to rely solely on that. If you look at TOS and TNG, they were able to tell a variety of different stories within the scope of their basic premises.
This is one of those times where Star Trek is...whatever the viewer says it is. To you that is all Star Trek is about. To me, it's about a lot more.
But when you strip it down, it's basically an adventure drama set in space. You can attach all sorts of other attributes and window dressing to it, but at it's core, that's what it is.
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I have to disagree with this too. The popularity of procedural shows really proves that stories that can be told in just one episode are still...well, popular. But as subsequent shows after TOS did, they had a mix of standalone and multi-episode stories to varying degrees--as well as a connection or overreaching background story between the first and last episodes--and I think that's the format any new Trek series should continue.
DS9 and ENT were the only ones to really have multi-episode stories. TNG and VOY didn't really. They had two parters or they'd RARELY revisit old plot threads (the Klingons), but that's not what I'm talking about at all.
It's actually exactly what I'm talking about--a mix of standalone and multi-episode stories.
I'm for how BSG did it. An overarching story, but with some stand alones every now and again.
That's how nuBSG did it, and with a difference being that the mix of standalone and multi-episode stories favored the latter. Otherwise, though, TNG, DS9, VOY, & even ENT all had an overarching story with a beginning and an ending (although in the case of TNG, it's overarching story--the Trial of the Human Race--was something that didn't become clear until its finale; with ENT, it was about Earth's first Warp 5 starship).
Not really. There was nothing unique about the Delta Quadrant that couldn't be found in the Alpha. Same bumpy headed aliens with the same looking ships (which also had cloaks). Random anomaly. etc.
If that's the criteria you're basing on, then you're going to find that aplenty in every Star Trek series regardless of its setting or premise.

Otherwise, I can't disagree with that more that they were identical.
The only "unique" thing was maybe Species 8472 and they weren't even from the Delta Quadrant. How was it unique and alien?
I would think not being Human would be sufficient.
I don't mean Alpha Quadrant as in Klingons or Starfleet Academy or something. I meant, the area of space looked generic like anything else you'd find in the Alpha Quadrant.

I don't get this. Were you expecting the space in the Delta Quadrant to be a different color than that in the Alpha Quadrant? Otherwise what makes different territories in space different are the civilizations who live there and what policies they dictate.
That isn't their society.
Sure it is. It's the society they come from.
It's just other ships and planets.
It's not "just." It's showing other aspects of that fictional universe, to see other Starfleet crews and Federation worlds.
When I said society, I mean actually showing us life on Earth.
And they've done that on occasion when it was feasible for them to do so. But in a show set in space rather than on Earth, it's kind of hard to have many stories about ordinary people who get up, go to work, and then come back home.
To show us where our heroes came from. Not just showing them docking with Earth Space dock.
See above response.
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You probably didn't, because I wasn't talking about stories about life on Earth, but just stories other than exploring or meeting new aliens. TOS and TNG frequently did this.
"frequently"? Not really. From time to time. Yeah.
No, not from time to time--TOS and TNG indeed frequently did so. Many stories weren't about exploring space and meeting new aliens, but rather dealt with routine domestic operations within the Federation, attending diplomatic conferences, going after bad guys, participating in fleet exercises, etc. TNG probably did this more than TOS even.
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