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Re: The least disliked episode of DS9 - Final Round

I disagree. The Visitor is an excellent episode of DS9, and deserves to be here. By your logic a worse episode that fits the Star Trek tropes better would be a better episode than this one, which resonates on an emotional level.

It is, after all, the least disliked episode of DS9, not least disliked episode of DS9 which is also the most archetypal Star Trek episode.

But obviously, YMMV.

P.S. I'm voting for Sacrifice of Angels. It's not as good as what's left, and it's not even the best episode in the Occupation Arc.

The Die is Cast - 0
Improbable Cause - 0
The Visitor - 3
In Purgatory's Shadow - 0
By Inferno's Light - 2
In the Pale Moonlight - 0
Sacrifice of Angels - 3
What You Leave Behind - 0
Tacking into the Wind - 0
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