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Re: common misconceptions about Voyager

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There is something very off about that list...

I understand VOY fans get annoyed that their show gets a lot of criticism, but a lot of it is not undue. The issue of Janeway breaking the Prime Directive wasn't just that she did it an insane amount of times. As you pointed out, all the captains break it or "bend" it from time to time. The issue was that Janeway was especially egregious about it in really twisted or flippant ways. I don't fully blame it on the Janeway character. A lot of it was the writers being inconsistent. One episode they needed her to be a firm by the book captain and another she had to be the "i don't respond well to bullies! Mr. Paris? Plot a course THROUGH their space!" type captain. It made her look extremely bi-polar.

One example I see not on your (or Memory Alpha's) list is Tuvix. He was a new and unique life form and she had him murdered. Yes, MURDERED. Even the EMH refused to go through the procedure because he knew he was killing a life form. I'm pretty sure going and out and seeking new life forms does not extent to killing them...

That list seems to include only examples were it was outright stated the Prime Directive was involved...
Tuvix was more of a moral issue than a prime directive. Killing him does not interfere with the development of any culture

the interesting thing I've noticed about people who claim that she broke the prime directive can either never give a list of all those times they claim it happened or they use their negative opinion of the show in general to twist events to make them suit their negative view point
The Prime Directive goes beyond interfering with alien cultural development. That's only one aspect to it.

I will definitely concede that at times they (all the shows) evoke the Prime Directive to try and make the episode more...shall we say...controversial? So it has been referred to in multiple circumstances (beyond a pre-warp society). It is hard to say what the Directive solely is.

I don't have a list off memory because I haven't seen the entire show in years. I did watch it from beginning to end and I know that the prime directive was broken more than that tiny list.

But if you're only applying it to pre-warp development manipulation. Then yes, Janeway only did that a few times....
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