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TNG Cold Equations Book 2, Silent Wpns Nic-Picks -- SPOILERS

First off, Mack is one of my favorite writers, so i guess I raised the bar for books that are cranked out by him.

Almost finished with Silent Weapons...I got two nitpicks...

1) I can't believe Tyressa Chen is in the book and at one time she was commanding the Enterprise. She grated my nerves when she was first introduced. Yeah, I get it that she half vulcan, half human and embaraces her human side. I know HUNDREDS of people who are 100% human and ain't that annoying. Yeah, I know she had some unique knowledge when she was introduced. Then when she had nothing to do as a contact specialist, she was a sorta Picard's aide/adjudant in the Typhon Pact book that dealt mainly with Andor.

Now, when Picard and most of the senior officers are on the planet surface, she's running the show on the bridge. WTF?!?!!?!? Did Picard run out of Lt Cmdrs and Cmdrs? And yeah, it one thing if the ship is on shore leave, but it was a tense situation.

I suppose Mack had to figger out how to incorporate her into the book....UGGGH....first contact specialist then Picard's aide, then in charge of the ship as an LT. PUL-LEEZE......and she's annoying as hell to boot!!!!

2. Second gripe, Bateson is in the book and it mentions that the crew is a skeleton crew...UGGHHH...The UFP Prez is on the surface....hey, if you want to make it appear that nothing is going on, then send non-essential personell to the planet, ie. perhaps the CONTACT SPECIALIST!!!!! not the head of security.

3. Lastly, I would think the security detail for the UFP Prez would be more high seems that they were made to look like idiots when compared to Worf & company.

Like I said, I expect more from Mack, cuz his stuff kick's @$$, but I guess everyone occasionally has a lapse in judgement. By the way, did I mention I can't stand Tyressa least she ain't as annoying as she was in previous books.
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