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Re: So many Mirandas/So few Constitution-refits?

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Well, actually, I don't think so at all.

I think the Constitution-class was first introduced around 2240 or so--the design wasn't even 15 years old at the time of the Talos IV incident...
That assumes that the Enterprise was the first -- or even ONE of the first -- of the entire class ever built.
Indeed so, and why not? Starfleet hull registries are all over the place in range and aren't always consecutive.
If you're gonna go down that road, then Reliant could easily be older than Enterprise and we have literally nothing else to go on other than the most superficial of visual cues.

Besides, the registries have seemed to be pretty consistent in the TOS/TMP era. It's only in TNG+ that they start to get weird.

By the time of Kirk's 5-year mission in the mid 2260s, the Constitution-class was in its prime.
Its semi-retirement only twenty years later belies this claim, considering both the Miranda and the Excelsiors and even the Constellations remained in service for another hundred years.
Not at all, because those designs could be the rare exceptions rather than the rule for starship design lifetimes.
They're not.

The Excelsior, the Miranda, the Constellation, the K'Tinga/D7 and the Klingon bird of prey all remain in service for well over a hundred years (not just ship classes; we have seen individual vessels 80 to 100 years old still in active service). Various upgrades and modifications keep these designs in service, some more heavily upgraded than others. Obviously, an attempt was made to upgrade the Constitution class as well, but for reasons unknown those upgrades did not extend its life into the 24th century. So either the Constitution is the exception to the rule -- one of the very few starship designs with a short useful lifespan -- or the Constitution class has the same lifespan as the Excelsior and Miranda and we just happen to be seeing the very end of it.

The Constitution-class may have only had an initial design life of 30-35 years, with the refit program extending it for another 15-20.
From what we can tell, the Excelsior and Mirandas managed to get by without an extensive stem-to-stern refit program, and we have not seen any other starship class so extensively rebuilt. Again, in this regard, Constitution is the exception rather than the rule.

I don't believe anymore that the refit was intended to extend the Enterprise's service life. I think the ship was rebuilt BECAUSE its service life was over and they wanted to test some new techologies on a starship that was finished venturing into deep space. This also explains what was wrong with the Enterprise-A; the ship's systems were falling apart because everything on it was experimental (whereas the 1701_ had been fitted out with what had become "standard" equipment to test a new engine design).
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