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Re: common misconceptions about Voyager

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One example I see not on your (or Memory Alpha's) list is Tuvix. He was a new and unique life form and she had him murdered. Yes, MURDERED. Even the EMH refused to go through the procedure because he knew he was killing a life form. I'm pretty sure going and out and seeking new life forms does not extent to killing them.
Nope not even close. There is are whole threads devoted to this, you don't need to start a new one.
Um...I'm not "starting" a new thread. I'm talking about the issue of Janeway and the so called misconceptions she got on the issue of breaking the prime directive.

Even if you feel that it was one of those cases where she was justified in what she did or the ENT-D crew were justified in Pen Pals or (insert example here), it is an example.
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