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Re: What Do You Want To See In Next Star Trek TV Series?

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I really believe that if that were to be the preferential idea for this new show by the creators, it would need spice in the casting like Taylor Swift or Summer Glau.

Whom would you like to see in this TV series of yours?
Hadn't thought that far ahead, The Titan series would obviously have Frakes, Sirtis & Tim russ with some of the old TNG characters making guest appearances.

I would like to see the post Ds9 series to be a lot darker, in a similar mold to Ron Moore's BSG. Possibly with some of the old DS9 characters, O'Brien, Bashir, Worf.
That would be great if they can get Frakes, Sirtis, and Russ. One can hope that Frakes is willing to go back and forth alot between being a director & an actor in the series.
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That said, the Future of Trek forum is a better match for this thread, so I'm moving it there.
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