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Re: The least disliked episode of DS9 - Final Round

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The Visitor - getting people to cry is a big plus, but it isn't what makes Trek, Trek.
What makes Trek, Trek? If you're going by what TOS and TNG did, then maybe 10% of DS9 is "Trek".
I'd agree with this. By that logic, we may as well all vote for Pale Moonlight because it's arguably the antithesis of "Trek".
Trek is about spaceships and 'splosions. It's about "science" and technobabble. It's about aliens, and seeking out new life and new civilizations. It's about temporal hyjinx and spacial anomalies. It's about optimism for humanity's future, and how we could get there. It's about morality - the good, the bad, and what makes the difference.

Was The Visitor, the episode, Trek? Absolutely. It had all of the above. But, what is it remembered for? How it made us feel at the end. That, while really good, is not that Trekish. And when it's up against all these other episodes, that's enough to put it down.
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