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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I thought Family was a cop-out.

Picard's redemption for what happened should've been a long-running thread through the remainder of the series. We should've seen the back room whispers about how a man can be trusted that killed 40,000 of his own.

They trot it out from time to time, but between those few times, it is the same Picard we always know with no ill effects from what happened to him. IMO.
Star Trek was never that kind of show. The fact that the writers devoted an entire episode in which they acknowlegde Picard's traumatic experience and have him come to terms with it, was a Trek first and went against the wishes of Roddenberry. At least give the writers credit for that. Star Trek TNG was episodic by nature, so events from one episode had little impact on subsequent episodes. All Star Trek shows were like this, so to criticize the show for it now seems pointless.

Even Deep Space Nine, the first Trek series that had any kind of serialized storytelling, also dropped major character development in favor of the episodic structure of the show. For example O'Brein's traumatic prison experience in season four's "Hard Times" was forgotten the next week and never mentioned again.
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