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Re: Would you rather?

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Would you rather serve on a starship or space station?
A starship, I'd rather explore.

Since my last question was skipped, i'll repost it.
No one's getting blamed... *cough* ** *cough*

You're on a Starship in a battle situation and the captain along with other senior staff members are injured or otherwise engaged. Who would you rather take command: Geordi, O'Brien, Paris, The Doctor, Scotty, or Bones?
Scotty: I believe he actually showed some strategic acumen in a TOS episode or two. I'd be curious about O'Brien's tactical skills, but he has no command experience.

Where would you build the capital of a Federation-Ferengi-Klingon-Romulan super-alliance in the post-Nemesis universe (excluding Earth, Romulus, Ferenginar, Qonos, or Vulcan (given Romulan claims to that planet))?
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