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Re: common misconceptions about Voyager

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Off the cuff?

(Breaking the Prime Directive means that you are altering the balance of power or altering the development/evolution of a species by giving them information or technology which they are not ready for... Agreed?)
in a prewarp civilization yes, in a warp capable species it's not as cut and dry

The Next Emanation. Kim is screaming as loud as he can "Your religion is stupid and make believe and you should quit it!" And that was to a prewarp civilization who thought he was a god.
if by screaming as loud as he could you mean quietly discussing it with one guy who didn't want to go through with the death anyway

False profits. The Ferengi say you have to send us back, or you've broken your Precious Prime Directive after those silly savages think that their gods have abandoned them. Suck it Hewman.
the Ferengi are the ones who would have broken the prime directive by taking advantage of the aliens. Janeway was trying to remove them from the planet in a way that was consistent with the alien culture

Jetrel. A war criminal who makes WMD for a living asks how Voyager's transporter works, and Kathryn pops the hood so he can get a good look.
He took it upon himself to study the transporter and had come up with a way to use them before he mentioned anything to janeway, he showed her the modificatins he thought would need to be made to get a samle of the cloud on Rinax. Janeway had B'elanna make the temorary modifications he sugested.

State of Flux. Neelix asks why he should care if the kazon get hold of something as trivial as a transporter, and then Kathryn explains to him the balance of power and how that simple tool could cause empires to rise and fall if it afforded one side a significant tactical advantage the other did not, and that it was their highest law to make sure that idiot child races don't get an unfair leg up they have not earned.
where is the prime directive broken here?

Basics. Forced to share a planet with cavemen, Janeway is sharpening spears to murder them all, so that she can sleep soundly on a Golgotha of her own making.
come on now she had no intention of going after the cavemen. They needed weapons to hunt for food and for self defense

Swarm. Aliens tell her to fuck off or they will kill her. Neelix agrees that he's heard about the corpses these people make when you cross their borders, and they you don't #### with them. So after she shits on their sovereign rights to govern their own space, she kills thousands of indigenousness soldiers trying to defend their homeland from a scurvy alien threat because they don't believe that she's as nice as she insists she is.
the swarm aliens attack first, they fire on Paris and Torres in the shuttle, and they were essentially cloaked while going through their space so they wouldn't interfere

The Chute. Same deal as 30 days. You break alien laws you go to alien prison.
they DIDN'T break any laws, they were framed by a terrorist group

Distant Origin. Janeway wanted to derail 20 million years of history by existing. Religious fervour insisted that she be burnt and flushed to protect the sincerity of their reptile religion.
simply existing doesn't break the prime directive, this one is a serious reach

The Omega Directive. Aliens called her an asshole for not having any rules to curb her behaviour, like the Prime Directive, which had been rescinded for that particular mission because the fate of the entire galaxy to enjoy warp travel trumps the fate of any one's planets right to be a dick.
this episode doesn't count at all since the prime directive is rescinded

Demon. Caretaker wanted her baby, she said no. Q wanted her baby she said no. But these quicksilver SOBs ask for her DNA and she just bends over so that they can experience a radical fit of forced evolution that would never have taken place without her involvement... Although if the rest of the crew had not submitted, just imagine... If half the trillion trillion tons of Quicksilver on the Demon world turned into a googleplex Harrys and the other half turned into a similar numebr of Toms?
they had alraedy encountered human dna before janeway agreed to let the crew be copied

Think Tank. She gave slip stream technology to a terrible asshole who was going to use it to screw over a ridiculous amount of people. Trading technology to non proved species alters their technological development, even though she admitted in Flesh and Blood is that all they did was trade replicator technology for EVERYTHING they needed from anyone they met.
how did she give slip stream technlogy when they didn't have that technlogy?

Dragons Teeth. They woke up all the Vadwaar, when it would have been more easier to put the one Vadwaar Seven woke up back to sleep. Janeway said that the rules were to keep them asleep, which means that she pussied out when she should have told the first guy that he shouldn't be awake and his well armed army should most definitely not also wake up either and she need amend Seven's blunder.
this one could be a breach, but it was Seven who did it, not janeway

Memorial. She repaired the broken rape machine so that generation as yet unborn could continue to be raped for the next thousand years whether they wanted to be raped or not.
she repaired the machine so people in the future WOULDN'T go through what they did.

Flesh and Blood. Janeway gave away advanced technology that the hirogen used to save their species from extinction, by creating a slave race they could torture communally who were too powerful and threatened to destroy the Hirogen quicklier than the first extinction which they feared which put Janeway into the position that she felt compelled to act genocidally and destroy all the hirogenmade Holograms. This is about Janeway having children again if you didn't notice.
The hirogen were not on the verge of extinction. When they took over voyager they had already examined and picked apart every system on voyager, they would have taken the holodec technology anyway

Friendship One... They fixed a biosphere on a planet full of assholes who killed Joe. They were stupid enough to destroy their biosphere once, so they'll do it again, Janeway broke the Prime Directive prolonging their death rattle just because she felt responsible since humans handed them the technology that destroyed their biosphere and they were too fricking weak to say "no".
she was following a direct order from starfleet
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