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Re: D'deridex class Warbird vs Galaxy class

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I am not saying it would be an easy win for a Galaxy class at all, just that I get the impression the Romulan Warbirds are overall inferior technologically speaking (not just talking shields and weapons, but all technology) to the Galaxy class ships and newer.
Again? Is this based on anything? The impression I've got is the opposite. The reason is that, when a species has inferior technology, they've taken care in the show to demonstrate this. For example, the Federation could read Cardassian transponder codes. I believe they flat out said that a Galor class was inferior to a Galaxy class (while describing it as still "top of the line."). Ferengi ships were definitely shown to be inferior (as their technology as a whole) in spite of initial speculation that they were equal. Romulans, on the other hand, were never shown to be inferior. Slower, yes, but that was pretty much it. Again, what's your impression based on?
You've got the impression the Galaxy class has inferior technology to the D'deridex.
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