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Re: Possible PS4/Vitae bundle in December?!?

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Well, I have to ask. Why do you have 2 Vitas?

I bought 1 on launch day and I let my 6 y/o son play from time to time. He managed to muck up the touchscreen up and decided to wash it for his Dad.... So I took it back and instead of taking the defective Vita, they just gave me another one. A week after sitting in raw rice, the Vita started to work again. So that one belongs to my son and I have my own.

Even if I do decide to get rid of my Vitas, I still wouldn't be sorry that I bought it. As I said, it is a remarkable device and it certainly outclasses any other handheld in the history of mobile gaming. There are a ton of games for it that are great, but just not a lot of the console quality experiences that I thought would come to it when I bought it. Uncharted Golden Abyss, Little Big Planet Vita, Unit 13, Wipeout 2048, and the upcoming Killzone Mercenary (of which I was a part of the closed Beta) are among the best games today on any platform, IMHO. I just wish there were more games like that coming.
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