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Re: U.S.S. Nakamura (Ambassador class)

Thanks guys, I'm glad you like it Been a busy week at work, this week. But I'll have the rooms in the saucer section in place this weekend.

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A nice take on Enterprise C was the Council class...seen here (scroll down)

Now there were two version as per Ex Astris. One had a wider shuttlebay, another had a more narrow version.

Did you split the difference?

Something you might do for the next project. I really like the concept of the overlay, as here:

What might be nice is to trace the outermost line of each combination to reach the ultimate incarnation...
It was a bit unintentional, but I think I did split the difference. In putting the stardrive together, I didn't see that the hangar end of it was wider, like the Yamaguchi version until I'd already frozen it and started detailing. Though the references for the Enterprise C are scant at best, I tried to take what I could from the later iterations of her and match them up as well as possible.

And hmm... I haven't thought of an overlay before in my rendering. I'll play around with it. Which schematics were you looking to have it measured against?
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