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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Starting with the first season all the way to the episode before "All Good Things", a majority of TNG episodes are ones I never really saw or remembered. Despite being a fan of TNG dating all the way back to the mid-90s, I've never seen Family, Brothers or Remember Me.

Going through all of Disc 1 and some of Disc 2, I've pretty much concluded that this whole "female equality" thing that TNG tries to portray (Suddenly Human) is a bunch of crap. With the exception of "Remember Me" (Which is now in my top 10), this season is so focused on the male characters that I found a moment in "Suddenly Human" to be borderline offensive when both Crusher and Troi seem contempt with not helping a human boy back into their society for no other reason than they're women. Because it's not like he's going to be dealing with women if he does fully re-integrate. And it gets worse. A lot of the female characters end up being shamed, turn out to be bad guy and/or dying just to add more depth to the male characters. "Legacy" totally curb stomped a potentially cool character with Tasha's sister (made all the more annoying by how predictable it was) so Data can have a moment, and "Reunion" is a bona fide example of the "Women in refrigerators" cliché by killing K'Ehleyr so Worf and Alexander can have a moment. And of course Alexander HAD to be a son because we want the audience to see him as Worf's child with his forehead looking exactly like Worf's Klingon forehead.

It's like the thought of any of the characters having a daughter or any female character going through some kind of character growth was looked at as the worst thing you could ever do on the show. We've had "Family" dealing with Picard's brother and Wesley dealing with his dead father, "Brothers" dealing with not one, but two groups of brothers with one dealing with Daddy issues, and later with Riker having a fake son. It was also nice for Data to not bring up Lal to Doctor Soong when he literally said "Well, I often hoped you might become a scientist. Perhaps even a cyberneticist."

I hardly ever say something like this, but WHAT THE HELL TNG??
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