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Re: Could stardates make some sense?

sariel2005: the IDW timeline doesn't strengthen the claim of revisionism, since stardates like 2364 or 2369 are explicitly shown on the prime branch of the timeline. Look at the diagram again, and also review the interview with Orci I quoted earlier. The intent is crystal-clear: the prime timeline still exists.

Also, while the number after the separator hasn't been defined in the canon, there are three quotes by Orci saying that it represents the day of the year (1-365, though he probably meant 366 in leap years), which is also confirmed beyond doubt by the 21st and 22nd century dates from the IDW timeline, those that can be compared with known calendar dates. Also, the comics routinely use up to three digits after the separator, which indicates that Mike Johnson is aware of the new rule (I asked him on one occasion why he wasn't applying it in a couple of early comics, and he said they'd fix that for the later ones, and they did, barring one or two odd numbers such as 2259.155 being only a few months after 2258.42).

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