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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

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See, part of it was that I thought the first confrontation should have been bigger, epic even. It wasn't though, It seemed sort of "small". Hank gets angry, punches Walt in the nose, calls him an S.O.B., accuses Walt of bad stuff we know Walt did. The whole thing is over in seconds.
I see where you're coming from. I doubt this will be the only confrontation between Walt and Hank this season though, this was just a preliminary confrontation. I imagine there's going to be a pretty explosive showdown between the two before the season is out. And knowing Walt's track record, it might literally be explosive.

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I wonder too who it was Walt was protecting himself from in the opener. Is it Hank? Jesse? Scotty?
The best theory I've read is that Jesse gets kidnapped by Lydia's cohorts and is forced to cook for them. The finale sees Walt attempting to rescue Jesse in one final redemptive act.
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