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common misconceptions about Voyager

this could be fun....

On the many boards that I've been part of, I've noticed that peole have a lot of assumptions about voyager that, when you actually sit and watch the show aren't true.

For instance, Voyager used too much time travel. Well if you look at the other series, TOS had 5 time travel episodes in their three year run, TNG had 12, DS9 had 11, Voyager had 12, and ENT had 9 in their four years. So really Voyager didn't have too many time travel episodes, they were pretty much the same as TNG and DS9. If you average it out it was actually Enterprise that had the most time travel.

Another one I've encountered a lot is that Janeway breaks the prime directive a lot. On Memory Alpha there is a list of events that were either identified at the time as violations of, or could appear to have potentially been violations of, the Prime Directive
  1. Friday's Child
  2. Mirror Mirror
  3. A Taste of Armageddon
  4. Miri
  5. Rturn of the Archons
  6. The Apple
  7. Patterns of Force
  8. A Private Little War
  9. The Omega Glory
  10. The Paradise Syndrome
  11. Bread and Circuses
  1. Pen Pals
  2. Who Watches the Watchers
  3. Home World
  4. Too Short a Season
  5. Justice
  6. Coming of Age
  1. Captive Persuit
  2. Battle Lines
  3. In the Pale Moonlight
  4. Tacking into the Wind
  1. Caretaker
  2. Time and Again
  3. Prototype
  4. Thirty Days

Anyone else encountered any misconceptions?
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