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Re: The Nearly-Disastrous Start to the David Tennant Era

The trouble with RTD is that (to quote Twist in Spaced) I can really see what he tries to do. I just don't think he always succeeds.

He pushed the Rose/10 togeather/forever notion to ramp up the tradegy when they would be split. The trouble is that by ramping it up he turned Rose and the Doctor into a pair of annying giggling schoolgirls and actually made me start to dislike a character I'd really liked in series 1.

Then with Martha he pushed her as lovestruck puppy, a woman who'd never be as great as Rose, a woman the Doctor could never love, a woman destined to amount to little. Now he did this so that, eventually, Martha's quest would be even more heroic...trouble is by the time she came good, I'd been so put off the character that I didn't care.
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