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Re: What Do You Want To See In Next Star Trek TV Series?

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I'd like to see a 25th-Century series featuring a new Enterprise-H. I don't mind a few occasional references to things that happened earlier (in the same way TNG occasionally referenced TOS once in a blue moon), but I definitely think it should be focused on the present.
Interesting. Whom you would like to see star in this series? The reason I ask is that if one keeps to a similar format, then it would need spice in the casting, I would think: and notable ones too. Like Taylor Swift and Summer Glau. I may be wrong, but I bet it would draw more attention to the onset of the show to get a fanbase going when there are already fans of those performers in the series.

Basically, I'd like its premise to take the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) approach and just feature a ship patrolling and exploring the edge of Federation space with a small but diverse group of main characters (no more than five, with extra reoccurring characters only when needed). I'd rather have new stories developed from the new situations and characters of this era. It should also reintroduce the concept of the occasional conflict from within.
Hmm.. more like showing off the casting amount of the TOS rather than the casting amount of STNG?

Oh, and there probably should be some women in miniskirt uniforms & go-go boots; space battles, chases, & major fist fights when things periodically go south for our heroes; and bug-eyed, man-eating monsters now and then--just to keep things lively and to keep it from becoming too pretentious.
Be interesting to see how they would bring back the miniskirts. Any fans made any photomanipulations of such a future uniform to be used for this new series?

I kinda like the midriff part of the uniforms in Star Trek Enterprise in the episode "In the Mirror Darkly" for the women. I wonder how that would go with the miniskirt?

And I do wonder what the women in Starfleet would say about it when the men are wearing more coverings over their bodies for away missions than they are, thus susceptible to any parasites and any possible allergic reactions to anything touching their skin?

I can see it as something they can wear on a ship, but to be ready to go at the drop of a hat, I would think any female that would be assigned on an away team would be dressed in a jumpsuit type uniform that they have been wearing in STNG so that they would be ready to go at any time.

But if the series is geared towards entertainment as per eye candy results, I don't think Trekkies would complain as long as the quality of the stories and likeable characters are in place.
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