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Re: Doctor Who from the start (by a n00b)

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Racist? I didn't think so at all. Because the villain's a Chinese?
Nah, more that he's played by an obviously English man, made up with false eyelids to look "a bit Chinese" and put on a "me so solly" type accent, while characters refer to him as "yellow", etc. I found it mildly uncomfortable in parts.

As for Genesis, I beg to differ. The plight of the Thals and the Kaleds was more effective when it was simply alluded to in the original story. Giving the Daleks a "master" was like giving the Borg a "Queen" - an unnecessary complication that essentially "de-fangs" them. The Doctor's dilemma over their fate is a brilliant moment, however; and Davros himself does have an excellent presence. As I say, I liked it a lot, just not as much as others.

Leisure Hive got in more on style and tone, I admit.
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