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Re: TrekBBS movie ranking thread!

I think we should all thank God that this list did not come out before the film or a few weeks before the film was released and still showing in cinema . Can you imagine what would have happened or how damaging it would have been to STiD box office earning?

yeah...the news is all over the place. trek web, yahoo, digital spy, the Hollywood reporter, the guardian, screen rant, comic book name it. this awful list has gone viral.

King Daniel is right...most people now think the list is some kind of an authority list that holds the truth when in reality these people are a vocal minority , Many of them driven by hate.

Am sorry but I don't think I can use any words to describe it but hate.

Can you imagine batman fans putting Batman and Robin as one of the top 3 Batman films or over TDKR?

That to me is the equivalent of people ranking ST V over STiD.

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