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Re: So many Mirandas/So few Constitution-refits?

But that would leave us missing an explanation for why the Enterprise-A was decommissioned only a handful of years after TFF.[/QUOTE]

Uhura was talking about the crew being Decommissioned (Retired from active "space" duty I guess?) when she got the Hail from Starfleet ordering them to return to Spacedock. Kirk said in his Log the ship itself would soon be under the care of another crew. So it's possible the Ship went out on another mission as the Enterprise, and was Renamed when the Frame of the Enterprise-B was laid down, finishing out her service life as the U.S.S. Whatever. then when the ship was retired, she was rechristened the Enterprise-A, restored to tne State she was in when she launched at the End of STIV, and parked at the Federation Museum. Thats my Theory.
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