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Re: The STAR TREK Movies, As Ranked By STAR TREK Con-Goers

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And the assertion that Into Darkness "ripped off" any previous Star Trek movie is cynicism of the worst sort and not something I would expect from a group that claims to enjoy Star Trek.
I suppose it depends on how you define a ripoff.

I found Bennett's reuse/reworkings of TWOK sequences in TSFS to be a ripoff, and what really made it bad is that the reworkings are inferior to what was done the first time out. The cynicism at work there is coming from the creators, not the audience, in their belief that they can just keep coughing up differently tinted or polished replicas and expect folks to eat it up as mindlessly as general audiences devoured crap like MOONRAKER, to cite an example going back to the time of TREK's feature debut.

By way of comparison, even though folks say TMP is just a rip on CHANGELING (and I initially agreed), I'd say that it pushes beyond that, so I'd cite it as a failing but not a wholly crass criminal one.

ID's lifts felt so wrongheaded to me (and to my wife, who is not even a devotee, just a casual viewer, and yet was incensed enough to turn to me in mid-viewing and say THIS IS not STAR TREK!) that it just seems like something you might get in a fanfilm or from LucasLand.
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