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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

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I've decided against purchasing these because I will not support someone who uses other people's hard work without permission or recompense in a commercial product, then has the gall to cite that work as a selling point.
You make a very good point, one that I have a feeling would not have been made (or even considered) if this site were called (so there really IS a good reason I keep being driven back to this site after all!)

I think I'm going to grudgingly concede that even though I might be able to write off buying at least one of these as a business expense, I'm still not going to order any of them, at least until I see some sense of fair play/ethics emerge. Having your work plagiarized and/or distorted is really a bummer, yet most folks just seem to put all unauthorized uses of anything under the heading of 'so what?'

This is going to have to go into my 'John Landis' category ... I remain willing to buy ANIMAL HOUSE on DVD if it is a USED copy (for under $2), but I will not spend a cent on anything where some of the dollars might actually go to somebody who I think should be rotting in prison.

That may seem an extreme example, but I think I'll be fine waiting for a used copy ... since I treat my books like crap anyway, I won't have any problem settling for one that is in barely sellable condition, and based on a post or two above, it sounds like this pressing might be a 'fall-apart-while-reading' type.

For those interested in a very nicely illustrated book on the history of low-budget effects, may I suggest BBC VFX, which I finally got my mitts on today and wholeheartedly endorse, without any ethical quandary arising.
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