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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black


One last try after lunch.

Computer voice: (OC) An inmate at Litchfield Correctional is trying to contact you, please press 1 to accept the call.

Larry: (OC) So, what did you think?
Piper: How did you know?
Larry: Know what, Piper?
Piper: (OC) I know that you know.
Larry: I want to hear you say it. Tell me you had sex with her.
Piper: Please don't do this.
Larry: (OC) Are you STILL having sex with her?
Piper: Yes.

Larry tells her Healy called him to say she went to the SHU for Lesbian activity, and Piper assumes he's trying to get back at her by inciting her fellow inmates to kill her with his on air radio comments.

The arguing goes back and forth between indignant lovers under significant stresses who haven't spoken in "over a week", when finally the imprisoned Piper cries out to the cukold fiance.

Piper: Do you have any idea what its been like for me in here? How lonely I've been?
Larry: You've, you've been lonely? Huh? Cause I find that interesting... I just ASSUMED you were okay because you have ALEX now. Do you love her?
Piper: No... that's its..It's difficult.
Larry: (voice cracks)Do you love her?
Piper: (voice cracks) Yes.

Larry cries silently, on a New York sidewalk in early December, until he realizes that misery LOVES company, and the old testament allows for "an eye for an eye"... a heart for a heart.

Larry: She named you, you know. She's the whole FUCKING REASON you're in there.

(We watch Piper go into shock at the phone bank)

Larry: How's it FEEL to be in LOVE with the woman who RUINED our lives?
Piper: You lied to me.
Larry: I guess that makes us perfect for each other.

Piper wants to try and "fix this"... But Larry doubts she can. He then tells her he need some time "away" from the situation...and he disconnects the call.

We hear the dial tone from Piper's receiver as she looks devastated... and in case you've forgotten, the camera shows us a shot THROUGH the prison bars at our Blonde Angst magnet as the theme music plays and the orange screen comes up.
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