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Re: John Christopher a Regular?

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His training essentially was probably not that different from Kirk's with the exception of the technology of course. Also, he could offer a fresh perspective on things.
I think Kirk's more than a fighter pilot. His training goes far beyond that. What "fresh" perspective could a man from the 20th Century bring to a show about/set in the future? He'd be a curiosity that only historians would find interesting. I guess McGivers might give him a tumble.
Don't you think that someone from the past could offer some wisdom? He was trained to make split-second decisions, to take into account dozens of variables when considering the consequences of his actions on every mission.
Wisdom about what?

How is that fresh?

How is that different that the 300+ people currently on the Enterprise? People who are familiar with the technology and the realities of the 23rd Century.
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