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Re: The Official Deleted/Alternate Material Thread

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The color pictures were scanned by ME from a short-lived magazine called RetroVision, and appeared in issue #2 in an article called Star Trek Outtakes, by Tom Rogers, and discussed in other threads on this board, notably The Rugrat of Khan.
Thanks Maurice! I remebered I saw them here, but I couldn't find the thread. Also, I don't know why, I remembered something like "retrogaming" instead of "RetroVision".

But is this picture also from that same magazine as well?

It doesn't seem so.

From the post I linked to above. See the bolded text.

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Click HERE for a higher rez version

(Note the stuffed animal behind the Genesis torpedo, probably used to entice the kid towards the prop.)


There sits the Genesis torpedo: lights start blinking
in response. As we watch, the CHILD we met on Ceti Alpha
walks to the torpedo and smiles at the lights.

The second image relates to this image posted in another thread by LavianoTS386:

LavianoTS386 said:

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