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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black


The camera plays over 2 barracks while Maury Kind introduces today's program. We see Piper sitting with Alex on her bunk in the white suburbs, sharing ear buds with her "bud", and Morello applies blush while sharing Nicky's bunk & radio. In the ghetto Suzanne is stretching out on her bunk, ear buds in place as Poussey shares her free standing radioset with Watson. Miss Claudette is next door, alone in her cubical with her own ear buds in place.

Healy is alone in his office, putting his feet up on the desk as the program plays, while Gina the skinny white kitchen waif and Silent Norma are busy with Red in the Kitchen, preparing lunch.

Most of the Hispanic contingent have better things to do than listen to this Blanca's boyfriend shoot his mouth off, so they are absent. Unfortunately for Daya, she was otherwise engaged ... in the utility closet.

Maury Kind (OC) Chances are, most of you have been there. It starts with two people in love. You make a lot of promises. Tell each other you're different from the rest, the exception. For a month or two, the long meandering conversations feel foreign and exciting, you get to know one another in a more, intimate level. And then slowly. So slowly you might not even notice, conversations are replaced by missed calls, and resentful voice mails, and then finally, the day comes when the two of you admit that in fact you weren't the exception... that being far away from the person you love the most, is difficult on the good days, and impossible on the bad.

Today we are exploring long distance relationships, and talking with a few New Yorkers who are currently navigating these treacherous waters. I'm Maury Kind, encouraging you to take a break from life and join us... won't you?

We cut to Larry, fawning over Maury in the recording studio as he's about to regale Maury with the kinds of prison gossip his fiancé imparts on her private phone calls or during his visits.

His favorite... is one of the first... and it was our favorite too, until we came to suspect the beauty and the torture that Sue... which is short for Susie.. which is short for Suzanne, AKA Crazy Eyes, carries within her soul. We cry on our couch as we watch Suzanne silently cry on her bunk in the middle of her barracks, no where to run, no where to hide, no one to hold her and reassure her it WILL get better.

But Larry isn't done. He's warming to his subject as he tries to spark Maury's interest in "his" story.

Now he tells Mr. Kind that Piper sleeps with "One eye open, because her roommate is rumored to be a murderer and may shiv her in her sleep!"

Oh Miss Claudette. The "child" who smiled at you as you chatted en route to your visit with Baptiste no longer worries about such things... which Larry most likely KNOWS but neglected to say because it's not dramatic enough for National Public Radio. Remember the journalist's motto... "If it bleeds, it leads."

And while he said nice things about Watson and Red and kind of nice things about Nicky (Hot Lesbian Junkie), he also outed Morello to her fiancé IF he was listening and put 2+2 together.

Of course, what journalist worth his salt would not press the sex issue, consensual and otherwise, in a show about long distance relationships, especially with a guy who's fiancée is in a women's prison???

Would it be inappropriate for me to wish... at this point... that Larry brought up the subject of "edging" and kept his trap shut about everything else?

I admit... he made some damn good points about emotional fidelity and what constitutes betrayal... but like Piper showed in many of the episodes this season, he has zero insight in his own culpability in the matter. The man who claimed just before this passage to be fully committed to their relationship, HIT THE DECLINE BUTTON EVERY TIME SHE CALLED HIM FOR THE LAST 10 DAYS!!!!!

Larry: But, suppose just suppose, theoretically, that someone she loves was in there with her. Someone she had history with, someone who could understand her life in there, in a way I'll never be able to, it would be devastating to think that, that person could give her something I never can. It would be way worse than just sex... it would be a betrayal.

Piper: (Looks mortified as she pulls the bud from her ear) He knows.

She runs to the phone bank, but bitchy Officer Bell tells her its not phone hours and sends her into lunch.

The nameless cafeteria lady hands her a tray but WON'T look at her.

Many people are staring in a "not complimentary" way as she walks to her table. Suzanne looks simultaneously disgusted and devastated. Morello and Nicky try to look supportive until they are distracted by the arrival of Pennsatucky and the heartfelt hug Leanne gives her.

Piper actually had a ghost of a smile at the sight, until...

Nicky: (Looking behind Piper) Oh Fuck.

Miss Claudette marches into the dining room, right up to Piper's table.

I've got to give some props to Alex here. She jumped out of her seat to stand with Piper as Claudette faced her roomie.

Claudette: Is THAT what you think of me?

It struck me as strange, that Piper simply apologized, rather than say, "It was, those first couple of days, but not for months."

Could it be?

Does Piper STILL think that way, re: our dear, slave trading murderer?
"But life is a battle: may we all be enabled to fight it well!" Charlotte Bronte

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