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Re: Nu!Trek and Romulan War

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Perhaps the refit into an "almost totally new" and more powerful Enterprise in TMP? Or development of the USS Excelsior?
That's a giant perhaps, especially considering that neither of these appeared to give Starfleet any real improvement in anti-Amoeba or anti-DDM capabilities...
Starfleet lost four different ships to these assorted space monsters, all for different reasons; that's quite a lot of ground to cover. One of the things that would need to be improved would be newer and more advanced science labs and equipment to help starships [tech] their way out of tight spots; better sensors, better computers, more and better specialists, better fabrication equipment and more of it.

Contrast with the reaction to the loss of the Kelvin: "It's a good thing Kelvin had an assload of warp-capable shuttles on board or else the entire crew would have been screwed... hey, let's make sure that all of our ships have room for an assload of shuttles from now on."
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