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Re: Starfleet Academy Series

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Hey buddy, ever heard of this:

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy was a comic book series published by Marvel Comics in the United States, running for 19 issues from December 1996 until June 1998. Along with Star Trek: Early Voyages, the two were the most popular of Marvel's brief stint of Star Trek publishing. The series ends with several plot points unresolved and a glimpse into the future.


Following approximately six months behind the television continuity, the series follows the adventures of Omega Squad, a group of cadets formed at Starfleet Academy in San Francisco. The squad is formed by Commander Zund with the intention of training cadets to meet the new challenges of their time.

Main characters

Commander Kyethn Zund
Cadet Nog
Cadet Kamilah Goldstein
Cadet Matthew Decker
Cadet T'Priell
Cadet Edam Astrun
Cadet Pava Ek'noor Aqabaa

Issues and stories*

*One of these stories-possibly the first such story in Star Trek-won an award from GLADD
Star Trek: Starfleet Academy

There's also this concept that somebody else at Trek BBS had suggested a while back:

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy-TAS

Now, are you just going to sit back and say that there's no way a Starfleet Academy show could be made?

Star Trek still needs new blood as fans, and the new blood will most likely only be attracted to stories that relate to them as young people-and a Starfleet Academy show would be the only way to do it that I can see-as much as I hate to admit it, the Abramsverse won't always be around, and something has to take it's place. Why not a TV show about Starfleet Academy?
No, I haven't heart of that "buddy". I know my posts on these forums fall under too long;didn't read, but I addressed everything you just used to "counter". That the only way an Academy series could really work is if it is about Red Squad or some elite cadet squad. And I also said an idea like this works better in literature than a show.

Not to mention, those episode ideas take place mostly OFF of Starfleet Academy.

I didn't say it couldn't be made. I don't put anything past the garbage known as networks to put anything out. No matter how mediocre.

I already addressed the idea of young people only being able to relate to other young people...
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