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Re: Nu!Trek and Romulan War

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Romulans would be more of a threat than ever before. Do consider that they are a aggressive arrogant race to begin with: when word has reached their planet that their sun is going to go super nova, the campaign for expansion has switched from ego tripping careers to a necessity for survival of the Romulan Empire.
I'm still kind of dumbfounded as to why STID completely shelved the Romulans even though all the problems in this movie was a direct response to a catastrophic Romulan attack. I know Nero said he didn't speak for the Empire, but the Klingons have never destroyed an entire planet before, and they were also attacked by the Romulans in the same movie. So to shift the focus to the Klingons and ONLY the Klingons seems really out of place.
Because at this point in history the Klingon Empire is CONSIDERABLY more powerful than the Romulans, who never demonstrated any expansionist tendencies in TOS and were, at the time, a race of paranoid autocrats who jealously guarded their borders against any intrusion (basically, space North Korea).

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Thank you Jeyl, I wasn't sure whether I remembered that correctly. So Marcus is probably gunning for his war all along, but the loss of Vulcan gives him what he needs to ramp up. Makes sense.
Makes ALOT of sense considering what a snaky bastard Marcus turned out to be; he probably got Starfleet to approve some of his weapons projects by playing the "Romulans are after us" card when he meant to use them on the Klingons all along.
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