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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black


Before I finish this ep, which I'm dragging out because there are ONLY TWO FRIGGIN SHOWS LEFT UNTIL NEXT "SPRING" after TMWF's ends... I thought I should remind everyone where the title comes from.

Remember Pornstache, the drug dealer who put a stash into Tricia's hands to sell after she had JUST finished her detox in the SHU?

Yeah, the same guy who found her dead on the utility room floor and covered up his complicity in her death by making it look like a suicide.

Well, he might be feeling "something" over her death.

The day after the death, Pornstache actually invites Bennett to a bar after work to de-stress and quickly drinks too much and insults 2 party girls looking for a good time. He then unloads his occupational induced angst on Bennett regarding all those female prisoners who surround him day in and day out and who never take the time to see the soul behind the TALL foreboding MAN, never ONCE realizing that he too "has feelings".

Now, maybe the guys on the board can help me interpret the end of the Bennett/Mendez scene. Is it common for your drunk buddies to finish off their bear hugs with you, by kissing you on the back of the neck? I hope Bennett remembers that Mendez likes to "live in the present"... which might be interpreted best by that old song,

"If you can't be, with the one you love... ... love the one you're with."

What a great segue!

Piper has been to the mountain (Caputo) and returned to the white suburbs/Alex to tell the tale. He didn't send her to SHU for gas-lighting Tiffany Doggett but she has to do the night shift janitorial duty for the next 2 weeks

Alex had been sitting up reading on her mattress free bunk before Piper arrived and has now laid her book, not to mention herself down to relax... telling Piper she had to be "careful" for the next 2 weeks while Piper is on probation with Caputo while simultaneously smoothing the spot next to her on the narrow bunk.

Piper: No, no, no, no, no. That looks the exact opposite of being careful.

Naturally, the woman who convinced straight laced Piper to carry $50,000 of drug money into Brussels easily convinced her to spoon under the very eye of the correction officer on duty in "the bubble".

And for the moment, they were alone and weren't distracted by trying to orgasm before breakfast was over and their duty shifts began, or plotting the demise or resurrection of Appalachian prophets.

For the moment they were just two people who once loved each other deeply.

Alex: Hey, I'm proud of you.
(KaChing! Team Alex picks up 250 points!)
Piper: Yeah?
Alex: Yeah. It was really brave. I mean... it was dumb, but brave.
(KaChing! Team Alex picks up ANOTHER 250 points!)
Piper: You know, I don't think that anyone has used that word to describe me, in the history of the world.
Alex: I'm glad we have each other in here, kid.
Piper: Yeah, me too. I mean, I'd rather be on a beach in Tahiti... but, this is a ...close second.... Why do you feel so inevitable to me?
Alex: I heart you.
Piper: You heart me? What is that, "I love you" for pussies?

Laugh it up, Team Larry, but when Piper sighed back "I heart you, too", a thousand points went rolling into the Team Alex coffers.

Loved it when Nicky walked in to interrupt them.

It's 11 o'clock and Maury Kind's NPR program is about to start, with a very "special" guest... Larry Bloom... AKA Piper's fiancÚ.

It was nice to finally see Piper step out of her own world for a moment, to ask Alex if SHE (Piper's female lover) would be okay listening with Piper to Larry (Piper's male lover.)

I chuckled at Alex's response, as she handed one of her 2 ear buds to Piper.

Alex: I mean... (Is that a Mae West voice?) I don't think its against the rules.
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