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Re: President Bacco's Future (Spoilers)

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Really, the only thing I'd ever object to with Bacco are her actions in Zero Sum Game.

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Bacco... just seemed to be stressed out about her job(who wouldn't given the crap she put up with?) and trying to do the best she can. I wouldn't blame her one bit for passing the baton on retiring back to Cestus. Only thing I could really see keeping her in office is a sense of obligation if the forerunner is somehow corrupt or incompetent. Section 31 presidency anyone?
I'd think they'd be more likely to arrange things so she would run again--and win. Bacco's been a dang good president--and I'd think "the security of the Federation" would warrant keeping her.
I seriously doubt Section 31 has the capacity to implement election fraud on this scale. You're talking about trying to rig an election being held on 150-some-odd planets and God-knows how many colonies, ships, and space stations. It's just too large to pull off -- especially if Section 31 wants to keep itself secret.

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That would be good enough for me
Megga dittos on that.

But the question is...who WOULD run against her? And on what issues, anyway? "I'll bring Andor back into the UFP"?
I can think of a couple of different scenarios for an anti-Bacco candidate, but they all cross into story idea territory.
I could see Bacco deciding on not running for a second term or even running and losing to...

& sadly with the Hobus supernova presumably visible on the horizon, that's probably only slightly over the top & beyond any reasonable way the story could play out. [/baseless speculation]

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