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What Do You Want To See In Next Star Trek TV Series?

What do you want to see in the next Star Trek TV Series?

I would like to see a rogue Prometheus Class Starship equipped with a Pegasus cloaking devise commandeered by rag tag band of buccanneers, headed by a jovial Klingon Captain with no ties nor loyalty to anyone but themselves but yet have an air of cowboy diplomacy and even an occasional act of good samaritans when the occasion presents itself. They like to explore lost civilizations to look for treasures and even mine other planets for valuable resources like gold, diamonds, and others, but yes, they "stole" that starship before it was even commissioned, right out of the Shipyard at Utopia Planetia because the Klingon Captain believed Starfleet owed them one for the loss of their former ship called "The Golgotha" due to an accident which was Starfleet's fault.

On the run from Starfleet, this rag tag band of buccanneers had "abducted" a few Starfleet personnel in the process only because they did not know there was a skeletal crew onboard the ship when they had "stolen" it.

As time goes on, some of the skeletal crew will try to escape, some will sacrifice their freedom to help others escape, and some will just fail to escape throughout the series while eventually, due to the myriad of adventures, a few of the remaining skeletal crewmembers will develop an affinity for their captors ( Stockholm's Syndrome ) and slowly become loyal members of the crew.

But Starfleet was bound and determined to rescue them as one Starship Captain hope to reunite with his beloved fiancee, a Vulcan/Betazoid Counselor, whom was visiting the ship at the time to track down a "patient" that refused to meet with her for counselling whom she will eventually discover that he happens to be her long lost brother.

Anyway: that is the gist of it. It would be different, and I think kinda fun to see, but that is just me, I guess.

What do you all want to see in the next Star Trek TV series?
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