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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

Vektor said:
Ptrope said:
This has got to be the most artistic ship of Starfleet I've ever seen. :thumbsup: Truly worthy of the name Grandeur.
Thanks, Ptrope, but I think the TMP refit would still have to hold that title in my book. Although, I have been trying to incorporate certain characteristics of the TMP refit into the Grandeur, so I'll take your comment as an indication of success.
"Success" is an understatement . I agree that, of the onscreen ships, the TMP refit is the best of them all, both stylistically and visually; the refit 1701 is definitely a clean design, both well-balanced and well-detailed (thanks to a very strong original design by Matt Jefferies, and tasteful and thoughtful improvements by others on its way to the big screen). I think the final determination will come when Grandeur is fully textured, lit and rendered in context. As noted above, there is a lot of 'automotive' style and grace to Grandeur, lines that arguably have little or nothing to do with its function as a starship, and everything to do with simply making it beautiful, even stylish; the form is 'right,' and the details add both to the style and to the appearance of functionality. It's a Duesenberg in a fleet of Chevrolets, a Lockheed Constellation in a fleet of DC-3s.

Along with your campaign to have Vanguard in a canon Star Trek prequel film, I think, should there be any decision to make a Trek film that follows TNG/DS9/VOY, Grandeur should find a place onscreen, as well; it's just that good :thumbsup:.
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