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Re: The Right Stuff to come to Blu-Ray November 5

I avoided seeing it in the theater because I had read William Goldman's experience of having his script thrown away and figured Kaufman was nuts (this despite my LOVING his BODY SNATCHERS remake.) When I finally saw it, I was pretty okay with it, outside of the too-easy humor potshots. I really really enjoy it now, but with the caveat that this is just a very subjective view of a much bigger story, seriously dramatized (I'm not saying it is a whitewash on the level of MISSISSIPPI BURNING, which fucks with history so much I'm embarrassed to admit I love it.)

Biggest problem with this on BR is that I can't imagine the extra resolution helping the effects shots ... there are tons of cuts with models on wires or attached to weather balloons and those are the kinds of things that become very problematic on modern home video unless you go back and paint them out. It's one reason I never upgraded from DVD to blu on BRAZIL, because I'm pretty sure the wires would be unmissable.
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