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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

Professor Moriarty said:
I like the little fin thingies on the aft part of the connection between the warp nacelle pylons and the nacelles themselves. :thumbsup:
Those are a detail I had planned to add almost from the earliest design sketches for this ship but I'm only now getting around to them. They actually do serve a purpose; I figure not everything pulled in by the bussard ramscoops is going to be useable for fuel, so after the good stuff gets separated and extracted, whatever's left gets vented out those grills and back into space.

Remember the ring of grills just behind the bussard domes on the TOS Enterprise? Or the semi-circular grills on either side of the head of the nacelles on the TMP refit? Or the ring of grills on the Enterprise-D? Just about every Fed ship design has had them in one place or another, usually right behind or right next to the bussard collectors. I just decided to put mine on the trailing edge of the support pylon adjacent to the nacelle where the exhaust wouldn't leave a messy residue over time.
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