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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

I would like to return to the prime universe. I don't think it's going to happen, but in my mind I would like to to see them attempt a prime universe resurrection a few years after the last Abrams film. There's a lot of prime universe Trek fans still out there, fans who grew up with TOS not being their first taste of Trek. And there are a wealth of actors out there from TNG, DS9, and VOY that I wouldn't mind seeing again and I'm guessing others wouldn't either.

Though I can't see a new prime universe TV show picking up right after "What You Leave Behind" or "Endgame", I could perhaps see a jump to the 25th century and bringing in some of the 24th century characters for cameos and drawing on stuff like the Dominion War for story ideas, to set the background, etc.

Unfortunately the further time passes I think people move on. And the new films have reinforced the primacy of Kirk and the TOS crew in the popular imagination. It is likely we might get a spin off from these films as the basis for a new series. If that is the case, I still would love to see nods to the other Trek shows worked in somehow.
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