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Re: The Official Deleted/Alternate Material Thread

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Ru'afo's face lift was cut down to remove some of his skin being stretched.
Picard has a disastrous attempt at a working lunch.
Riker and Troi flirt in the ship's library.
Picard and Anij kiss.
Data beams out of a buckling Cousteau.
A short discussion of the injector was removed.
Ru'afo was originally ejected into the planet's rings, growing progressively younger.
A small cameo by Quark was cut out.
The beaming out of a disintegrating captain's yacht was scripted but I don't know that anything was really shot. I interviewed the VFX guys at SBS just a few weeks prior to release when they were about to tackle their end of the reshoots for the new ending, and at least one of the guys there mentioned how disappointed they were about the Data beaming out of the distintegrating yacht thing falling out VERY early. They might not even have done animatics for it, though I imagine somebody at Paramount would have storyboarded it during preproduction.
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