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Re: When did the perception of Insurrection change?

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Well, at least tell us why before the phaser barrage commences.
Exactly, it was big screen Trek at it worst - totally lacking any ambition and locked into the Berman era comfort zone, many people blame Nemesis for almost destroying the franchise, but it was this film where the low budget, cheap looking rot started
I always thought about it like this:

Since TOS & the TOS films were popular, Paramount decided to make a new Star Trek show and came up with TNG.
TNG starts out and begins struggling immediately so RIKER GROWS THE BEARD and Star Trek gets awesome.
During Insurrection, RIKER SHAVES THE BEARD and all of the sudden, Star Trek starts to completely fall apart.


Jonathan Frakes' beard magic was preventing Rick Berman and Brannon Braga from ruining Star Trek. Once he shaved the beard, nothing was cancelling out all of that backed up Berman/Braga-ruining from spilling out all over the place.
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