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Re: Oberth Class the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post

I should also mention, that I try not to let preference influence my treknological work efforts. Onscreen information is Canon # 1 to me, actual production background information Canon # 2, both of those are the "essentials" and not "up for grabs" unless these essentials have been accurately evaluated and considered.
That's fair enough. I'm largely the same way, though I also agree with Praetor's point about canonical information sometimes being at odds. I tend to ignore the presence of crew members in the Vico's lower section in "Hero Worship" for that reason, or to to assume they wound up in that section because of the disaster but wouldn't normally have done so. That causes the least potential friction with the theory that the pod is just equipment.

I should have been more precise. Matt Jefferies created the Enterprise and participated in the actual production of TOS, Franz Joseph didn't. For me, this makes JRS authentic and genuine while the FJ system is conjectural (but I have to acknowledge its post-TOS and -TAS influence and felt it necessary to reflect this "school of thought").

Of course, to assume that the last two (of four) registry digits refer to a sequential building order of a vessel from this design series (a changed premise deviating from Jefferies original concept but apparently continued by Franz Joseph) had become obsolete or debatable by the starship status chart featured in "Court-Martial" as "1697" would otherwise indicate 97 starships of the 16th design.
Can you refresh my memory as to how Matt intended the JRS to function originally? I've tended to think of it as being the first and/or second digits being the type build and the rest being the specific ship number, but I also see where you're coming from with the "Court Martial" chart. I can't recall if TMoST mentions any elements of the JRS, and my memory's far from perfect. I'd like to approach it from the right angle.

I'd definitely agree with numbers being recycled or switched over during construction, even when this leads to a weird registry system (as with Jackill's take on the refitted Saratoga from DS9. It became the lead ship in a new frigate variant, but the canonical registry is weird in any form).

But that's quite some coincidence to chose this name out of a hundred or a thousand alternate names, isn't it?
* shrugs * Not from my perspective, no. While I don't think the notion of someone thinking of the S.S. Valiant is completely impossible, I still think it was just a random name chosen for the study model. It's a common enough ship name and it probably assumed that it wouldn't be used, at least once the name was confirmed to be Grissom.


Praetor brought up the hazardous nature of the (TOS) warp engines Jefferies deliberately designed away for the ship, apparently as a possibility to easily jettison these in case of danger.

Of course, like the Oberth Class, the warp nacelles of the Miranda Class equally seem to be to too close for comfort. But then, what's the "hazardous element" of the old TOS warp nacelles?

The warp field coils, the matter-antimatter reactors or the antimatter confinement pods?

I think it's the antimatter confinement (confinement failure = you are dead) and in case of Reliant it's probably stored in the roll-bar pod (and can instantly fuel photon torpedos). The antimatter storage volume of the pod equals that of the TMP Enterprise (it has to be stored somewhere aboard Reliant).

Why we didn't get a bigger blast in ST II when Reliant's pod was destroyed I don't know (at least the remaining torpedos should have created quite some firework ). Apparently both torpedos and antimatter fuel may have been depleted at this time (but Enterprise was unaware of it).
That's an interesting question, and I know one issue brought up with some of the FASA designs was having the nacelles very close together in a way that suggests it would be harder to jettison. (Example: Andor class). I'm more inclined to think the Miranda would have the antimatter storage/jettison system in the main hull myself, since that connects to the nacelles, but I do think perhaps there would be extra torpedoes in the launcher itself. Assuming they weren't depleted, we probably should have gotten a bigger boom.

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