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Re: How is Janeway sexy? (Part II)

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I still cry a bit inside when I see pictures like this. Oh, the lighting and the beautiful hair....her eyes, her expression....

Is that from "Resistance", in the scene where she seduces a guy by pretending to be a hooker? Yeah, that was a nice moment....

That was the episode but not the scene. This scene is where the bad guys have caught her & Caylem after she sent Tuvok/Belanna out of the prison. She's kneeling down as they are threatening to kill her before Joel Grey turns hero & saves the day (with help from Tom Paris), breaking all our hearts in the process.

JANEWAY: Caylem!
CAYLEM: Ralkana? He said you'd been shot.
JANEWAY: He was lying to you, Father. I'm all right.
CAYLEM: And your mother?
JANEWAY: She's fine. She was so happy to get your letters. She wanted me to tell you something. (Kate whispers into his ear) She forgives you. We both do.
CAYLEM: My sweet girl. (He dies in her arms)
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