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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

Star Trek Online's timeline has already veered off into it's own universe. Which I guess is fine. As much as I'd like to see the prime universe "back" yeah it's probably not going to happen.

Then again, does anyone think the current reboot is going to last past the 3rd movie? I certainly don't. They're only under contract for three movies as I understand and Abrams by all accounts is already moving on to bigger and better things. Star Wars 7 will probably end up grossing more than 2009 and Into Darkness combined so yeah, he hit a meal ticket with that one.

Ten years down the road, they'll reboot it again probably. Maybe I'll warm up to the new movies more over time like I did with Enterprise, but for now they're a pale immitation of the classic material. Take the characters, rewrite them as you please, cherry pick the elements from the setting you want, mix it up in a blender and come out with "new" material. Just seems like lack of imagination to me.

There's a thread on the Voyager board that piqued my curiosity, anyone know if any of the Trek novelists plan on writing "future" stories in the JJverse(as in TNG/DS9/VOY era)?
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